How to prepare your body for labour

Preparation for labour seems trivial in comparison to the preparation for an additional member of the family however its the preventative measures we can as such take to reduce both the physical and emotional drain that is childbirth, however remember that your body was designed to do this – it will be fine.


Listen to your body,  adhere to the urges of your body. Tired. Rest. Hungry. Eat. It is paramount that you are gentle to your body is days leading up to your birth. Indulge don’t feel guilty at having to keep with trends or your non-pregnant friends.Prepartation for labour


Purchase or dust off your exercise ball, simply sitting idle upon this with held realign your pelvis and stabilise your core moving your baby  into an optimal position for birth. Find out more on this.


Remain calm, stress will do nothing both for you and baby, spend some quality time with your near and dear . Life is due to change drastically savour those last moments. Remember breathe!


Educate yourself, be informed of the current birthing positions, be aware of new procedures that would aid in the ease of your birth. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, be inquisitive.


Perineal  massages, this is key in the reduction of tearing in an area called the perineum during childbirth. Massaging this area post 34 weeks, with massage oils/or oils of a non petroleum substance is pivotal to preventing the above. See additional information.