Types of childbirth

Types? Yes below are the five types medically recognised and advised types of childbirth available to you. Hospitals and specialised clinics are now providing soon to be mothers with suites and all comforts at a click of a button during this period of time. Still not at ease, read on.

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This is where the baby is born through the birth canal, usually at a time where a woman  is within the last quarter of pregnancy (38 – 41 weeks). See more about the stages of childbirth here.

This type of pregnancy is what most prepare for due to the common misconceptions surrounding childbirth. However it does pose many benefits in comparison to other forms such as:

– Lower risk of infection rates

– Recovery time is significantly quicker

– Baby has a lower risk of respiratory problems


When vaginal delivery does not pan out expected or complications arise beyond  your control other methods are available like a caesarean,  to delivery of a baby through surgical incision within the mothers uterus.

Regarding this method of childbirth, it is possible to schedule this procedure however it usually done in response to unforeseen  circumstances such as:

– Multiple children

-Larger child

-Child is in breech /transverse position.


Previously medical technology superseded  itself and as such post caesarean  future vaginal deliveries where not of option.  However due to changes surgically and with the medical advances readily available, this procedure can be conducted at a patients wish. Further reading.


Occurs during vaginal childbirth, in which a healthcare provider places a soft cup attached to handle with a suction mechanism attached to guide the child’s head from the birth canal. See more for preparation of your body.


Similar to the vacuum extraction the forceps delivery is undergone using tong like tool to guide the baby’s head out of the birth canal.